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You are now entering the
Wyvern Club Gateway
the  private discussion part of the website
where members discuss their past memories
and current activities and organise meetings and
major re-unions.
All ex-pupils, staff and families and
friends are very welcome.Our time at the school was
long ago, and often ex-pupils do not recall much of
their time there, but on joining the discussions, many
new friends are made through  our common heritage
and this in turn brings back old memories. Don't give
up  if at first no-one seems to remember you.
It happened to most of us, even the webmaster.


This simple gateway test keeps out trolls and nosey parkers.

Please click in the box and type the name

of the building which contained the
classrooms at KAS Pl´┐Żn.

If you have forgotten the building name
or if you have any other problem here
don't be shy, email the webmaster:

Lots of other members forget that name,
It is the most frequent question asked !

Before you visit the Discussion Board for the first time, please click HERE, to read the tutorial .

Typing an incorrect name will cause a "Page not Found"
message. Use your BACK button to retry.